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Prescription Medical Safety Glasses

Prescription Medical Safety Glasses protect eyes from exposure to biohazards and pathogens. Order the best ANSI Rated medical safety glasses. Rated #1 Online.

Best Prescription Medical Safety Glasses

Medical professionals depend on their eyesight and should protect their eyes by wearing medical safety glasses. Physical protection limits the transmission of local eye diseases and systemic diseases spread by bodily fluids.

Improve Your Safety With ANSI Rated Prescription Medical Safety Glasses

Medical professionals should wear personal protective equipment to avoid contracting or spreading eye or generalized contagion. You may need ANSI Z87.1 safety eyewear rated for droplet and splash protection.

Care providers need to be able to see clearly on the job. Prescription Medical Safety Glasses can provide more complete and comfortable eye protection. Browse a full selection of safety glasses rated to protect eyes from impact, droplets, dust and splashes. Protect yourself from a wide range of occupational hazards by wearing non-prescription or prescription-ready safety eyewear.

Prescription Medical Safety Glasses FAQs

How do I order medical safety glasses?

Browse a selection of safety glasses rated for use in medical environments. You may need glasses with an ANSI Z87.1 or OSHA rating, depending on workplace requirements.

Which safety ratings apply to safety glasses for medical use??

ANSI Z87.1 impact, droplet and splash ratings are relevant for prescription protective eyewear worn in the medical field. Safety glasses that meet these standards may be marked with Z87 for basic impact, Z87+ for high-velocity impact or Z87-2 for impact-rated prescription lenses.

What features should I look for in prescription safety glasses for nurses?

Look for medical safety glasses that accommodate your prescription or meet your safety needs. One trade-off for more complete eye protection is a tendency for lenses to fog. Look for safety eyewear with anti-fog lens coating. Keep in mind that vents can reduce the level of protection eyewear provide from pathogens.

Can I get medical safety glasses with prescription lenses?

You can customize some styles of safety glasses with a limited range of prescription lenses. Medical professionals will require lenses that allow for the highest levels of visual accuracy and optical clarity. Check to see whether our safety glasses can accommodate your prescription.
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